Wednesday, January 27, 2010

condolidating our research

First problem: Man has contributed to pollution by littering, driving cars.etc.
Second problem: Too many resources had been used up.

3 potential problems
Harms the Environment
Affects living things
Depletion of ozone layer


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Monday, January 25, 2010


1. Laptop Bag
P- It is useful, it has a very nice texture and it is very big.
I- It protects the laptop and brings the item i need to school
E- It will attract attention and i will bond with my friends.
S- My laptop bag is red in colour as it matches my shoe, this will show that i like things that matches.
2. Something that was passed down to me from my father (Golf clubs)
P- It is long and it is shiny.
I- It lets me play golf.
E- It will encourage me to do better in golf.
S- By playing golf, i will make friends, which will make my networking better.
3.MRT station
P- It is extremelly big, has many people in it.
I- It lets me get onto the train, which helps me travel to places and talk to my friends
E- It lets me bond with my friends when i am going home with them
S- In the MRT Station, i can meet with my friends
4. Watching a movie
P- It is in a theater, in a shopping center, which is very big
I- It lets me relax and learn about a moral
E- It has moral lessons in the movie
S- I will watch it with my parents, my friends and this will increase our relationship

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conserving water resources in Singapore

Singapore is a very small country with a large urban population, so to get the fresh water that the country needs is a very tall order. Luckily our government is up to the task of getting the water the country needs. So to conserve water is very important in order to have enough water for the country. How do we do this? Well we can do our part by making sure that there is no leaks in the house and if we do spot leaks whether be it in the house or in the public restroom, we should immediately contact the people in charge of the place to fix it. This way there will be very little water wastage. We can also shower for a shorter period of time. Our government way of conserving water is by the recycling our waste water, into clean water.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Understanding Research

1. Research is finding information about a particular object or event from books, internet,etc.
2.It is important as it helps us understand more about a particular thing, event,etc. Which make us learn about the objects, event etc around us.
3. We can conduct a good research by finding information through multiple sources, example: From books and from the internet or look at multiple websites before concluding what you have learnt.

Monday, January 11, 2010


1. ADMT to me means making a product through designing, technology and using media to showcase the product.
2.ADMT is important, because it changes our world with the use of it. It helps to create new products that will become useful in our everyday life. Without it, our life would still be like the olden days.
3.I want to learn how to sketch, build and design a product by myself.