Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Identifying challenges for the elderly

This is the mindmap of my ideation. Through the mindmap, i have decided to choose on poor Hydration, because while i was researching on all the individual problems, i found out that poor hydration is actually a very big problem and that there are little or no products that cater to this problem, thus i have selected this idea.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Essential Questions

The top three EQS that i chose are how to make transportation more elderly friendly, What types of activities should the elderly engage in and how to make ageing a blessing?
3rd: What types of activities should the elderly engage in.
Explanation: I chose the third one, because nowadays elderly are always at home and not engage in any activities. With this question, we can find out activities that will help to enrich the elderly life.
2nd: How to make ageing a blessing.
Explanation: Ageing for most people is a fear, if we can think of a way to make ageing a blessing, the people will feel more inclined and fearless about ageing.
1st: How to make transportation more elderly friendly.
Explanation: This question is actually a important one, because for every elderly, they will always have to travel around the place or country. If we can make travelling more elderly friendly, this will be a huge benefit to many many people.