Thursday, July 1, 2010

Essential Questions

The top three EQS that i chose are how to make transportation more elderly friendly, What types of activities should the elderly engage in and how to make ageing a blessing?
3rd: What types of activities should the elderly engage in.
Explanation: I chose the third one, because nowadays elderly are always at home and not engage in any activities. With this question, we can find out activities that will help to enrich the elderly life.
2nd: How to make ageing a blessing.
Explanation: Ageing for most people is a fear, if we can think of a way to make ageing a blessing, the people will feel more inclined and fearless about ageing.
1st: How to make transportation more elderly friendly.
Explanation: This question is actually a important one, because for every elderly, they will always have to travel around the place or country. If we can make travelling more elderly friendly, this will be a huge benefit to many many people.


  1. Some of the answers to the questions, especially the 1st one could be found in some of the measures that have already been taken. What you can do further is to see how transportation might not only be limited to public transportation, but also in terms of ensuring that the elderly's mobility is greatly enhanced and less restrictive.

  2. Hello Niklaus! I agree with the third questions. A lot of the elderly aren't able to engage themselves in activities very much. A suggestion I'd give is to engage the elderly with the rest of society instead of doing things with other elderly only.

    Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

  3. The reasons for your choices are clear and straight to the point. Good questions and reasons. I also agree that some people have already started exploring the first question.


  4. The Questions are quite good but I found that some other classmates also had somewhat the same questions but you managed to twist and change the examples and the reasons. Good Job !!!

    Si Yuan

  5. These questions have good meaning in them.

  6. For the 3rd question, some of the elderly prefer to stay at home and do nothing. The question has to be more objective. Overall, good work!


  7. For this question, 'What types of activities should the elderly engage in', you said 'nowadays elderly are always at home and not engage in any activities'. However, not all elderly are always at home, and some of them also engage in activities. So it is quite subjective.

  8. Very relavent questions especially the 1st. Transportation have been mentioned already in the public and adding on the solutions to solve it would be great.